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I have seen several very good and thoughtful posts concerning this
prospective sponsorship.  I have but one additional suggestion and that is
for the officers who will be the ultimate authority will not only discuss
their conditions, but as a courtesy, also discuss the agreed upon terms with
Rackspace, in order to see if they have any objections.  If they do, the
officers can try to negotiate acceptable terms to both parties.

In general, the more sponsorships the LUG can get the better they will be.
Sponsorships come in all forms, from book publishers to auto dealers.  Each
will have their own benefit package for members from free stuff to discount

This is a very active, if a somewhat small group and received valuable
advice and support from Linux users far and wide.  It will be up to the
officers to entice even more membership.  I know I have read methodology and
tips that have helped, this primarily a Windows user, tremendously as I try
to use the benefits of the operating system and deal with its eccentricies.

Thank all of you for your support.


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Looking at this from a mostly outsider's perspective, I can see where there
could be conflicts of interest with Rackspace and TEKsystems both being
sponsors, especially with the amount of support that Rackspace gives the
LUG, but terms and conditions can be worked out so that the two can live
together peacefully.

Bottom line, TEK is looking for talent and not all members of the LUG are,
or will ever be,  Rackers.  Before the migraines drove me away from this
industry, there were many a times I could have used services such as the
ones that TEK provides.  Even now, if contact could be limited to my terms,
there is a possibility that I could use TEK's services. 
SATLUG, by it nature and existence, supports FOSS, and by extension,
individuals choosing their own paths.  Should TEK agree to conditions such
as no direct approachment of individuals and making those conditions overtly
known, then most conflicts of interest with our primary sponsor, Rackspace.
should be resolved.


On 04/18/2011 08:56 PM, buddylee48 wrote:
> I don't think any sponsorship should be turned down unless there is an
> obvious problem. It's not everyday that non profit organizations get
> sponsorships without having to ask for one first. I know as the former
> TAMULUG president that getting free money comes far a few between at times
> and other times it's plentiful. I would hate to see wasted opportunities
> here.
> There is always a concern on how to handle multiple sponsorships and the
> officers that represent the members of the lug should communicate clearly
> with all sponsors to resolve any concerns.
> Rackspace is graciously donating their space, utilities, money, and time
> help make this organization a success which we are grateful for. A Racker
> has expressed his concerns from their viewpoint which is entirely
> understandable. These concerns should be made clear to teksystems and I
> personally don't think we will have problems.
> Whether or not individuals like or dislike TekSystems should not limit
> members from the potential to learn something and expand their horizons.
> Limiting or censoring knowledge and experience will never benefit the lug
> and well honestly doesn't methorically follow much of FOSS morals ;)
> Just my 2 cents. I know there are plenty of lugs who would pounce on this
> opportunity. It's all about managing good relationships with our gracious
> donators.
> Cody Lee
> (Sorry for any spelling errors - written on my phone)
> On Apr 18, 2011 8:25 PM, "Steev Klimaszewski"<threeway at gmail.com>  wrote:
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