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Richard Suberg rsuberg at satx.rr.com
Thu Apr 21 13:08:40 CDT 2011

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It's not that I am against onsite backups, that is what we are doing
now. I want to find something more effecient for the amount and type
of data I am backing up. Our data changes so much in 30 minutes, it
would be a significant account impact, along with the service. We
could probably recover from a 30 min data loss, but I can't picuture
still breathing after an entire day gets lost. Everyone would be
coming after me (including management) to find out what happened to
all the sales orders, service orders, invoices, and everything else.
Currently, the MS backup is doing the exchange at the same time as the
rest of the backup, (at 9:00 at night) and I do backup from one server
to another some extremely critical stuff (sql, exchange, system state)
to a Ubuntu box, but that still only runs nightly. I would like to
find a backup solution that doesn't tax the processor much more than
it already is. (Sorry Tom, but the hard drive light is on as much as
the power light now with the jungledisk running.)


On 4/21/2011 12:23 AM, Kevin Flanagan wrote:
> Richard,
> Are you absolutely against onsite backups? I'm sure you can build
> something with enough disk space suite your needs. If not you
> could get a few TBs and backup over your LAN. As far as Exchange
> backups go, windows backup can do that for you. I believe it even
> gives you an option to set a schedule for different types of
> backups(full/incremental). You should also look into robocopy for
> backing up your files, it's not perfect but does the job. The
> MSSQL piece you will need to research a little. I know our DBA's
> backup across the network with very few issues. We normally have a
> full backup taken of MSSQL or Oracle on the weekends, incremental
> during the work week. I use forfiles to trim my backups and it
> works really well.
> P.S. Excuse my spelling and grammar
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> I know there are a lot of admins available here that deal with that
> MS server thing. I have an exchange server, SQL server, and files I
> am looking for backup solutions for. I signed up for Rackspace's
> trial, but their solution for SQL backup doesn't impress me. I
> heard of one some time ago that will only transfer the difference
> between what was just done since the last backup (similar to
> incremental) but once it reaches the online storage site, it
> applied the differences and would have a complete database backup.
> It would do the same for files (which is less significant, most of
> the files are small, but the database backup is approaching 330M
> and contains the entire company status including accounting) Does
> anyone have any suggestions what to use? Exchange currently
> consists of about 40 mailboxes to back up and most people can't
> seem to keep control of what is in their mailbox.
> I was looking for more of a live backup solution, and I saw where
> you can specify how many minutes between backups, but I don't think
> #1 would be done before #2 starts, thanks to our great internet
> speed at this office.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated. Richard

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