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David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Thu Apr 21 13:22:17 CDT 2011

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On 04/21/2011 01:08 PM, Richard Suberg wrote:
> It's not that I am against onsite backups, that is what we are doing
> now. I want to find something more effecient for the amount and type
> of data I am backing up. Our data changes so much in 30 minutes, it
> would be a significant account impact, along with the service. We
> could probably recover from a 30 min data loss, but I can't picuture
> still breathing after an entire day gets lost. Everyone would be
> coming after me (including management) to find out what happened to
> all the sales orders, service orders, invoices, and everything else.
> Currently, the MS backup is doing the exchange at the same time as the
> rest of the backup, (at 9:00 at night) and I do backup from one server
> to another some extremely critical stuff (sql, exchange, system state)
> to a Ubuntu box, but that still only runs nightly. I would like to
> find a backup solution that doesn't tax the processor much more than
> it already is. (Sorry Tom, but the hard drive light is on as much as
> the power light now with the jungledisk running.)

Are you looking for redundancy or backups? Backups would protect you
from someone accidentally deleting things. Redundancy would protect you
if your hardware dies. Nightly backups are probably okay. Redundancy
sounds more like what you want here, IMHO.

If the stuff is in the database, it sounds like you need a slave
database set up, so you have a database set up in case the first one
fails. If you're doing all this with files, you might want to use a
fancy filesystem that does snapshots or something, maybe some kind of
distributed filesystem with Copy on Write or something. I'm not
completely certain what would do well. Something that could do snapshots
without consuming ridiculous amounts of space. I know ZFS can do it, but
that's not linuxy.

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