[SATLUG] Re: [XCSSA] Fwd: Looking for backup solutions

Tweeks tweeks at rackspace.com
Fri Apr 22 13:21:39 CDT 2011

On Wednesday 20 April 2011, Richard Suberg wrote:
> I was looking for more of a live backup solution, and I saw where you
> can specify how many minutes between backups, but I don't think #1
> would be done before #2 starts, thanks to our great internet speed at
> this office.

More and more now days I'm recommending that people check out cloud based 
backup solutions. That's what the next iteration of the XCSSA server is going 
to be doing (if I ever get the time!). More info here:

Think of it as a cloud based internet/cloud based network drive (like dropbox) 
with a nice server side rsync-ish backup client built in..

To use a "Server Backup" (aka cloud-files (the system and API) powered 
cloud-drive (the thing you mount and backup to))... Just sign up with an 
account at jungledisk.com or here 

But instead of using their built in backup client... I like to just "map" the 
cloud-drive (network based cloud filesystem) and run rsync myself to the 
mount... that way I have more control over the backup.  It's all AES-256 
encrypted and YOU control the key(s) (so be sure to back up your yet 
somewhere safe!!).

The cool thing is that you completely control the backup scripts/process, 
timing, etc.. AND can "mount" your backups (just like you would NFS of samba) 
and access your data 24x7 via the cloud.

Very cool... and I'm a big traditionalist and up to now mainly preferred 
either off site tape backups, or exotic disk-to-disk based solutions.  But 
cloud-drive is pretty sweet. :)

p.s. Conflict alert! In case anyone is NOT aware.. yes.. I AM a Rackspace 
employee. But hey.. I'm a customer too.. ;)

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