[SATLUG] Fwd: Looking for backup solutions

wigyxz-satlug at yahoo.com wigyxz-satlug at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 22 23:00:13 CDT 2011

> From: Richard Suberg <rsuberg at satx.rr.com> I was thinking of clustering SQL servers, but the second
> would have to be a virtual somewhere, and I don't know how well the
> software would like it. Its key is generated off of the name of the
> computer and the hardware it is installed on. Talk about anti-piracy!

I agree with what some of the other folks have been suggesting about a backup/mirror/cluster server. Does it have to be virtual because of the cost of additional hardware or licenses?

I don't know what the situation is, but if mgmt can't imagine losing a day's worth of data then some added security is something that should be funded.

Also, is your DB running on RAID drives?

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