[SATLUG] SA Broadband Suggestions

Bobby Brooks bobby at bobby-brooks.com
Fri Apr 22 23:54:38 CDT 2011

Hello all,
I'm in San Antonio this week house hunting for a move to the Fort Sam Houston area from El Paso around the end of June.  I have Time Warner for an ISP in El Paso and they are terrible.  I'd like to believe it's just that I have old wiring or something that causes constant headaches but prior to deploying to Iraq I lived in an entirely different part of town, same lousy connectivity and service.  Enough griping for the moment, basically what I'm looking for are general recommendations pertaining to broadband providers in the San Antonio area...obviously I'm not buying a house based solely on good Internet, but between being a computer geek for personal and professional, I need to have a good reliable connection to the interwebs and any suggestions would be appreciated.  Hope to actually meet the group more once I'm in town for more than a week.  I'm fairly new to this list so if this request is too off-topic since it doesn't specifically relate to Linux, feel free to hit me up off list.

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