[SATLUG] D-Link Netcams

Eric Haugen erichaugen at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 21:15:58 CDT 2011

We have about a dozen D-Link IP cameras at work for surveillance
purposes.  We also have a Windows server that runs the D-Link software
that controls and records said cameras.  The server software is a mess
and records the video (that is, when it works) into a propitiatory
format.  Thankfully we haven't run into a incident were we needed the
video for evidence.

The other day I got a wild hair actually RTFM.  What I learned the
camera is able to produce JPG stills when you go to
http://IPAddress/cgi-bin/video.jpg and it refreshes every time you F5
the browser.  I grabbed an extra camera and started tinkering with
batch commands.  I managed to get it to auto-download using wget for
windows and with another command change the file name on the video.jpg
file.  I would like to get the file name into is ISO 8601 format (EX.
IPAddress-YYYY-MM-DD-TIME.jpg) unfortunately %date% and %time%
variables produce an invalid file format.

Also given this capability we can also deep-six the Windows machine
for Linux.  I know wget pretty well but from what I heard curl, sed
and awk might be better for this.  Unfortunately I don't have as much
experience in those programs and how to write it into a shell script.
I was wondering is anyone had a recommendation of what tools to use
and resources on how to use them?


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