[SATLUG] OT: Looking for a decent router

Steev Klimaszewski threeway at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 01:28:29 CDT 2011

Okay, I don't want to install a custom linux on it (unless you count
tomato/dd-wrt; but I'm usually okay with what is available on the
device itself, I don't get too crazy here)  but what I'm looking for
is a router that has gigabit on the internet connection itself.  I
currently have an E2000 and it claims to be gigabit, but what it
really seems is that the switch is gigabit, but the port to the
internet is 10/100.  Going into tomato's Misc. menu, it shows a WAN
connection ability that is only 100MB which is what causes me to think

The reasoning:

I have Grande's 110Mbps down, but it only works if the modem is
plugged into a gigabit port, otherwise you get the 65Mbps speeds.  I
was considering the E3000 might have gig.  I have a co-worker that has
one, so I'll ask him to look at it to see what it says in the Misc
setting. I believe I saw the E4000(ish) at Wal*Mart the other day, but
it seemed a bit pricey.  Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts (pfSense
isn't out of the question, but I can't seem to find any boards that
have gig that would cost less than an E*xxx) please let me know!

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