[SATLUG] OT: Looking for a decent router

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 2 11:02:16 CDT 2011

r3d91ll at grandecom.net wrote:
>Finding a soho router with a gigabit wan port for less then $100, good luck with that.

Even the devaluation of the dollar hasn't been able to keep the computer
industry from pushing prices down and performance up. Here's a few
examples, all with 10/100/1000 on WAN and LAN side:

ZyXEL wireless b/g/n + NAS (USB port) - $49.99

Buffalo wireless high power with DD-WRT support - $65.99

If you look around eBay, there are still a few potential bargains:
(Only an illustration, not a recommendation. Cisco is not on my
preferred vendors list.)

Admittedly the cutthroat competition is all on the wireless side, but
hey, you can still turn the radio *off* on most of the units I've seen.

I just realized the USB stick I casually loaned somebody has more capacity
than all the disk drives at my university (and cost less than one textbook.)

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