[SATLUG] linux day celebration

Greg Swift gregswift at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 10:31:38 CDT 2011

So... my co-worker (roy sigler for those of you that know him) and I
were discussing that it would be kind of kewl to hold a "drinks and
socializing" birthday party for Linux's 20th birthday.  There has been
a hint of the possibility that we'd bring a cake.

Our original plan was to do the "party" from like 6-8pm on August
25th.  But then a few days ago I found a site called linuxday.org
which is acting as a organization site for this type of event around
the globe.  Their date is August 27th.  So that kinda complicates
things, because crashing a venue with a few handfuls of people on a
thursday night is a lot easier than a saturday night.  If anyone has
any suggestions and would actually like to get something planned, feel
free to touch base with me, otherwise I might just withdraw my plans.

My other co-worker suggested dong the 25th meetup @ Broadway 50/50 at
i10 and wurzbach.  Not sure how crowded it gets on the weekends, but
the non-bar space has been fairly empty the weeknights I've gone.


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