[SATLUG] Web Hosting

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 15:38:25 CDT 2011

I want to put up a website for a community project.  I can certainly set 
one up for me to update, but when I update the site, I generally just 
use vi and write the code directly.

I'd like to set up the site so others on our committee can also do the 
updates without a major learning curve.  I have started to look at 
Wordpress and Drupal but I know there are others.

The site would be quite simple and as far as I know right now, static. 
That is, no database, no email, but just some html, jpeg/png, css, and 
possibly php.  I don't see any need right now for Javascript either.

I'm looking for suggestions on software that would be easy for most 
novices to update easy things but flexibility for me to possibly do some 
more complex things.

I'd also like some suggestions on hosting providers.  I do have a 
website where I could add software and a separate IP address for a 
domain name (that I haven't registered yet), but a package deal would be 
nice to have.  Of course, because this is a community project with no 
income, I'd like to minimize cost (registration, hosting, etc).

Thanks in advance.

   -- Bruce

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