[SATLUG] Announcement: Linux Day Celebration Planned

Jonathan Kelley jonkelley at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 12:41:36 CDT 2011

Rackspace will be hosting a Linux Day Celebration event where we can gather
and talk.

When: August 27th at 6-8PM
Where: Rackspace, the normal meeting location; 5000 Walzem, at the Racker
Rally Room (the typical garage/meeting area)
Why: To socialise and celebrate Linux day. *Linux*® *Day* is a global
celebration of *Linux's* 20th anniversary.

* You can bring your own beer.
* Please bring potluck items if possible, I will purchase burgers and buns
and cheese, etc  [ A grill is available ] [ I also encourage cookies,
chocolate cake, brownies and salads as I like to eat those and so do other
people. ]

I will be posting flyers around Rackspace to also bring publicity of the LUG
to Rackspace and hope to get some Rackers involved.


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