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Fri Aug 12 10:42:15 CDT 2011

So not to offend those on the list, but devs have traditionally been
horrible sysadmins. This is based on experience from several companies
working with dev teams. They have no concept of system load, what logs are
good for, or what logrotate is used for. They do not see the purpose of
adhering to the linux way instead of their way, they have no concept of
change management, typically little grasp of security and misunderstanding
of how load balancing and redundancy are implemented.

This is fair, as their job is to write code; but implementation of the code
by a sysadmin is hard when the code is written without consideration for the
system it runs on.

As such, you may do poorly in a sysadmin interview as you lack the knowledge
of the system itself. A sysadmin is nothing more then a power user of a
system which maintains important applications. It's different from the
receptionist using Excel because a sysadmins application may take up 90% of
the CPU and memory management and other factors could cause the system to
die; and when it does VP's get upset.

So in other words, you may need to start on Certs and get a job doing
support work to gain experience to build up to a sysadmin level.

On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 10:32 AM, Donald L Wilcox <
dwilcox at neonnightrider.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've been thinking about this for over a year now, and I thought I should
> ask around and get some ideas.
> I'm 25, in school currently finishing (as of last week) a B.S. in Math, and
> I have thought about a few paths to take after that. Before last week, I was
> a CS major because I work full-time as a developer, big interest in
> computers, etc. etc. I've been a professional developer for over 5 years
> now, and I have to say, I'm burned out with programming--so much so that I
> don't enjoy it anymore, and I can't think of any other career paths to
> transition into.
> I've tried writing in new languages just to see if I need to code in
> something other than HTML, CSS, JS, Java, and PHP, but to no avail, and at
> this point in my career, the work always turns dull, monotonous, and
> mundane, and I have accepted that no matter what I try to do, I can't keep
> the interest going.
> What I do enjoy is more sysadmin and systems programming stuff (command
> line stuff, DB systems, server administration) and a little bit of security
> (although programming security applications is not my cup of tea), but I
> don't know if moving into a sysadmin role is the right step or if it's even
> possible since I don't have any certs and not sure my current job will let
> me get any, and I'm not sure yet if the biz dev roles are my thing either
> since I've never worked in that realm.
> Has anybody ever had a similar situation?
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