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Rabie Khabouze rabie at rabie.net
Sun Aug 14 18:03:46 CDT 2011

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The WRT54G doesn't have the so called IP reservation. in another words
you cannot force the router to give the same IP to the same printer
within the DHCP.

Unless you upgrade the firmware to OpenWRT for example, it will be
capable to assign specific IP to a specific device within DHCP.

Or configure X number of  devices (computer/xbox etc) to use DHCP IP and
go to the router and limit the number of IP addresses that you can lease
for example and

you can use addresses 192.168.1.(X+2)-254 for any static IP addresses
you need because they are not part of your DHCP pool.

On 08/14/2011 04:31 PM, Michael wrote:
> Ubuntu
> OpenOffice 3.2.1
> This isn't so much a Linux issue as it is a router issue. My router
died a couple of days ago. I picked up a WRT54g at a thrift shop for
$3.00. Both wired and wireless work fine. My issue is the printer. On
the previous router, I was able to assign the printer a static address
( When I bring up the router interface
( I see all of the configuration screens but no way
to assign a static IP address to my printer.
> Of course I googled for a manual but what I found wasn't much help.
Anyone familiar with my issue?
> Thanks.
> Mike

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