[SATLUG] Steve Jobs or Linus Torvalds?

Jonathan Kelley jonkelley at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 14:20:14 CDT 2011

So worry less about 'is this the year of the Linux desktop?', and more
about global impact of this operating system. Lets imagine if I
snapped my fingers and every Linux install would disappear

Linux/busbox systems would be wiped, TVs, printers, phones, cable TV
boxes, satelite boxes, telephony switches, routers, nas, even the
Philips RC9800i universal remote control run Busybox/Linux. You
probably have things around the house running this that you never knew

Without Linux they'd have to run Windows CE or Symbien OS, less
powerful alternatives.

The London and US stock exchanges would go down. They both run Linux.

Half of the worlds internet infrastructure would immediately stop
responding. Company indexes would cease when Google appliances in
house became blank. Non windows PBX systems would fail.

I could think more about this, but the world would see significant
technology disruption without Linux, and have to learn to love
licensing fees and royalities really quick.


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