[SATLUG] Steve Jobs or Linus Torvalds?

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It should be no surprise at all about the dominance of Windows.   One is the
shorter learning curve.   How long did it take the Linux aficionados to
learn a command line interface  well enough to be comfortable with it?
Another consideration is that the most popular distributions of Linux, no
longer seem to support a GUI, like Red Hat did.  Moreover, PC manufacturers
do not uniformly furnish drivers for Linux distributions, requiring the
compiling and use of generic substitutes which limit the use of all their
features much of the time.  It is great that most distributions of Linux are
free, and they are supported worldwide, however only one commonly supported
user interface is the browser and even it has a few differences.  For
instance a upper and lower case variable on a windows system  is considered
the same, while they are different on a Linux System.

Linux does have more operating efficiencies than Windows as to the machine
it is running upon, less RAM requirements, CPU power to name a couple.

Most office environments require both systems for ease of use by personnel
who have not received lengthy training in command line interfaces.  The
Windows GUI has been a huge contribution to the wide spread growth and use
of computers worldwide.

It is said that Linux users are a community, whereas Windows users are just
that, users.

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