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On Saturday, August 27, 2011 14:27, "Lance Schneider" <schneider.lh at> said:

> In a lopsided focus on personal gain from the efforts of someone else, the
> person or persons recognized for enhancing investor portfolio will get the
> accolades and nod. Culturally, both have expanded the capabilities and
> application of microcomputers, but those in the know will understand that
> some of Steve's products were built on the shoulders of Linus's
> achievements. However, that will not receive the attention it deserves in
> the general public indifference to anything not related to tangible assets
> to them. Honestly, Steve Jobs is not being celebrated as much as being
> examined for who will replace him and keep the money machine running.
> On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 1:13 PM, Adrian Malacoda <
> adrian.malacoda at> wrote:
> > I would personally rank Richard Stallman above both of them. However
> > between
> > Steve and Linus, IMO Linus by far has contributed more not just to free
> > software but to society in general.
> > On Aug 27, 2011 1:10 PM, "Don Davis" <dondavis at> wrote:
> > >
> > >> The only thing that surprises me is the continued dominance of
> Windows,
> > >
> > > Many interesting questions that I cannot take the time they deserve to
> > > respond to properly. In short, it would seem to boil down to a tipping
> > > point phenomenon. However, with the increasing dominance of mobile
> apps,
> > > it will be interesting to see if/ what the tipping point will be for
> > > mobile OSes.
I view it a bit diff since it was Wozniak's desire to stay a hermit geek and Jobs nature to be the flamboyant super salesman. Gates is the opposite of Jobs and a way better business-man. Linux has no advertisers that make the clients of the big Ad-agency's list so why waste print space on anything that has no income potential.

That is where the money side lies from my view but as far as moving the computer industry forward it appears to be almost a run-a-way cycle with new basic design changes as the path of technology leads the production plants. I don't think Jobs nor Linus spends much time even thinking about production cycles and 'job shop floor loading' so it appears to me that this is very close to a self driven technology. I mean how much choice does a CEO have over technical advancement it is mainly up to marketing to ask for the tech and to promise sales in return. as the computer dept head my job was to cost out the projected plan and track the in plant production and finished goods tru billing It always took Nov& Dec to come up with the Jan budgets. I think Steve and Linus are not comparable. Salesman and Technician. Both are giants in their own fields. Both have contributed an enormous amount to the overall guidance to our current state. 

As far as Win-pop they are entrenched and in this biz there are separate markets one the household and other the office and plant. I believe it is plain if the current sys has happy clients getting what they wish then no-one wants to change anything and updating lags far behind. Usually requiring a catastrophic event to force change. Change of top mgt or drastic fall in sales or any of a thousand things. Most sys changes were worked out among the Dept heads in pre budget negotiations where I was required to tell them an estimate that the change would cost. I worked with IBM Univac and Honeywell mainframes and always tried to get the MF mfg rep to get me on his side first before he pushed the big bosses to add power.

In the household side the customer either is savvy enough to figure out the Workarounds and puts up with the crap product because he does not know what to do. .. he hears and reads about Linux but it is low key and both MS and it seems the 'Gov ed sys' pushes either MS or Mac. Linux is ignored mainly I think from FOSS. They know how to run what their interest are and fear change because of old difficulties.

Progress does seem to be headed toward the mobile market. I own done of these. No I-things, no smart phones (Mine is glued to the wall where I can only hear it when I am there to answer.) I run only desktop boxes with Linux altho I have one box with windows not connected to the LAN. I will be using it to run sum MS apps unless I can get them to run on VM. I cannot comment on this mobile trend since it fails to draw my interest. But then my case is not normal being retired and nearing 81..
..... About budgets and change, "Frankly I don't give a damn, my dear!"
LOL hh

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