[SATLUG] aptosid dist-upgrade script failure

Chris Lee crynolists at gvtc.com
Sun Aug 28 19:54:51 CDT 2011

Hey gang, I waited far to long to do a dist-upgrade on my wifes old dell 
craptop.  I'm getting a ?script? failure/loop that I have to use control 
Z to end thus locking me out of further apt actions.
Further dkpg, apt-get attempts are met with resource busy.
It looks like there are about 10 items that will have to be "forced"
to be upgraded but I cant seem to get the syntax right to do so.
Both # apt-get -f install  &  # dpkg --configure -a trigger the bad script.
How do you get around:  Unable to lock the administration directory 
(/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?

Would someone post some proper syntax for usages of the of the "dpkg" 
--force options.  I trying not to just use "-all".


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