[SATLUG] nnOT: Graphics knowledge / preparing (TIFF) images for publication

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Mon Aug 29 07:40:56 CDT 2011

In a way my question is at least tangentially Linux related. This list
seems brimming with people who know a lot.
Explanation at top - questions on bottom.

I created a set of graphics using R. With some tweaking the images
looked as they should. They were generated as PNGs. Reading the
publishers specifications they specify no jpgs but rather TIFF. Fair
enough. I've sent an email asking the publisher if PNGs would be
acceptable (they are not receiving the images directly but as
incorporated in a .doc file.)

1. Are PNGs used in print publications? Would quality degradation be
apparent by simple graphs?

2. I used imagemagick:
 for i in *png; do convert $i -colorspace cmyk $(echo $i | sed -e
's/.png/.tif/g'); done
to convert PNGs to TIFF files (with cmyk colorspace). When resized the
print becomes unreadable. Why? How might this be avoided?

Wondering - The graphs should be 300 or 600dpi. The approximate image
sizes for many are 1.87 x 2.89 inches. Should the images be generated as
1122 x 1734. This does not seem to help when rescaled to smaller images.

3. R creates images in many formats. I used almost the identical command
- basically only changing tiff for png - to create tiff graphs. The
dimensions (though the same) aren't coming out right. (I don't know if
this is an R issue or something I don't understand about graphics.)

Thank you for your time,

D Davis

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