[SATLUG] Re: mutt question

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Mon Dec 5 08:31:14 CST 2011

> Linux experts:
> Does anyone know how to make mutt use the alias name defined for an e-mail address
> to SAVE the message within mutt? Example:
> say I have an alias defined for joe.moe at gmail.com called "joe", and I want to save a 
> message by joe.moe at gmail.com in ~/Mail/joe, not as ~/Mail/joe.moe, as mutt would like
> to do it. How can I tell mutt to save it as ~/Mail/joe?
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> -Borries
Here I go answering my own question...by the lack of response I get the
feeling I am the only remaining user of text-based commandline e-mail :-)

set save_name=yes
set record=yes
set force_name=yes

...accomplishes what I need when added to $HOME/.muttrc

Just to explain my FAVORITE feature of elm, mutt, etc.:

Using these three nifty options I can make the program automatically store
incoming and outgoing e-mails to separate folders that are named with the
name of the e-mail address within $HOME/Mail/..., making it extremely
easy and quick to find correspondences with individuals in separate
files. Since this happens automatically upon saving or sending mail, I
never have to manually create folders, or end up with huge folders that
have all messages mixed from different individuals. I have mail archives
going back to 1992 that were all created this way. It literally takes
seconds to find a specific conversation from years ago :-)


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