[SATLUG] New Slate of Officers

Frank Huddleston fhuddles at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 18:28:35 CST 2011


    At the 14 December SATLUG Christmas part and meeting, officers were 
appointed and elected for the coming year. The results were hardly 
revolutionary: evidently the current regime has been successful in 
quashing dissidence. This is probably because the subject of 
top-vs-bottom posting was not brought up, and if the current set of 
officers has taken a stand on it, I am not aware of it, and hope to 
remain unaware of it.

   In any case: the results were that the Board of Directors is (sorted 
by last name in alphanumeric ascending order):
Storey Clamp
Bruce Dubbs
Nathan Oxhandler
Don Wright

Benjamin Temple was appointed Treasurer
Howard Haradon, Vice President, will be serving as President
Frank Huddleston continues as Secretary

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