[SATLUG] A Hardware Problem... sort of

Arthur Hall art.hall at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 28 16:33:14 CST 2011

An old Dell was donated for the refugee families and I have restored it to working condition.  One of the problems was that the plug end of a mouse cord was still inserted in the mouse connection on the motherboard.  After discovering and removing it, I had trouble trying to insert another mouse.  Close inspection revealed that the bakelite(?) center prong from the old male was stuck in the mobo (no smart responses required, but all are welcome).  The PC works perfectly well using a USB mouse, but I'm wondering if anyone has a good method of getting the old prong out.  That would give the new owner maximum choice of the kind of mouse he or she wants to use. 

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Art Hall

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