[SATLUG] Browsing problem I hope the braintrust can solve

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Tue Feb 1 06:20:49 CST 2011

> When you ping and traceroute, are you using the IP addresses or the 
> domain names?  I could be way off the mark, but i would check to see if 
> that install is using a caching DNS server that for some reason is no 
> longer getting results for new lookups.  Possibly a corrupted/missing 
> config file for the local DNS server/settings.

Scott, I think the suggestion above is most likely to cure the symptoms
you are describing. I was thinking the same thing - before you reinstall
you ought to try changing the name server setting in your /etc/resolv.conf
file. Just for kicks, you may want to temporarily plug in a different
name server, for example:


and disable your current nameserver, and see if this fixes the issue.

Also check /etc/hosts and /etc/host.conf to make sure they are
properly set up. 

/etc/hosts should have at a minimum this line:

# For loopbacking.   localhost

/etc/host.conf should look like:

order hosts, bind
multi on

Someone else suggested to check the proxy settings. Unless you 
have a strange setup, this should not be necessary.


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