[SATLUG] Live backup / hot imaging software for Linux?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 16:41:36 CST 2011

David Salisbury wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a good backup software that can clone an entire 
> drive into an image while said drive is running?  Something like 
> DriveImageXML, but for Linux.  I've tried just copying 
> partition-to-partition (/dev/hda to /dev/hdb, for example) and using dd, 
> with somewhat mixed and unpredictable results on the copy.  What is the 
> best way to get a hot image of a disk in Linux?

That can be a bit tricky since other processes may be updating the 
partition as you are copying.  You really don't want to copy the 
partition superblock and related data.

What is wrong with cp -a /a /b?

You can also look at

tar cf - . | (cd /path/to/mountpoint; tar xf -)

You may also want to add  `--one-file-system' option to prevent `tar' 
from crossing file system boundaries when storing (sub)directories.

   -- Bruce

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