[SATLUG] External drive filesystem recommendations

Frank Huddleston fhuddles at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 13:19:10 CST 2011


    I recently got a 2TB USB external drive, which I intend to connect 
to a home "server" and use for general storage of media and other files 
and backups. I'm wondering what file system to format it in. The server 
runs Debian, and most of the time it will be served via nfs, but I'd 
like to have a filesystem that would work on a wide range of systems, 
just in case I want to plug it into something else: ideally, Linux, BSD, 
Mac, and even Windows.
   I know: there probably isn't something like that, unless it's FAT32 
or NTFS. But I just thought I'd ask.
A while ago, someone posted to the NetBSD forum, asking about a "Lingua 
Franca" file system like this, and I don't think he ever found one.
 From what I've read, ZFS is the proverbial bee's knees, but it's only 
Solaris: right?
Anyway, without starting yet another tech religious war, what are the 


Frank Huddleston

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