[SATLUG] Gaming on Linux

John D Choate jdchoate at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 17:26:41 CST 2011

On Friday, February 04, 2011 13:50:36 Christopher Connell wrote:
> I don't have any intention of doing any hardcore gaming, but I'd like to see what the group thinks of the idea of gaming on linux. 
> 1) In particular your thoughts on Cedega, VMware, Parallels, KVM, Wine/Crossover, etc 

I used Cedega years ago to play several games. I have since abandoned Cedega as Wine got better throughout the years.
World of Warcraft is one of my regular games played with Wine and it works perfectly, though some advanced rendering which depend on D3D is not available on my nvidia 
**hint**: update from Lich King to Cataclysm with the digital download from Blizzard's web page and don't bother getting a store bought DVD.... it only takes a few seconds to 
authorize Cataclysm, assuming the current WoW patches have already been applied with the game launcher.

Other games I still play from time to time with Wine include:
Thief, Thief II, Soldier of Fortune 2, Rune, No Limits Coasters. Most games I play with Wine need no special configurations, though the Thief games did need some special settings 
made in winecfg before they would work properly. I used to run Half Life 2 through the Steam launcher, as well as the original Half Life, with Cedega, but it has been a while and I 
haven't tried those in Wine.

On another note...
If you like the old Super Mario Bros., one of the greats for native linux games is "SMC", Super Maryo Chronicles. try installing the package named 'smc' for that. Mandriva users 
can do 'urpmi smc' for version 1.9. It has an in-game level editor in case you want to make your own levels or modify a level you are currently playing (while playing it!).
I love many of the native linux games... too many to start naming here.

Unfortunately, the focus of many commercial game devs is now on console systems, and PC/Mac ports are often done as an afterthought... so Linux is ignored completely :(
In a way I'm kind of glad about that since the console games are often limited in their options, but it's sad to see anticipated game titles turn out to be crippled or unavailable. And 
even worse to see games requiring a Windows Live account to authorize them.

John C.

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