[SATLUG] External drive filesystem recommendations

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sun Feb 6 01:23:07 CST 2011

On Friday, February 04, 2011 02:04:03 pm Don Wright wrote:
> Frank  wrote:
> >like to have a filesystem that would work on a wide range of systems,
> >just in case I want to plug it into something else: ideally, Linux, BSD,
> >Mac, and even Windows.
> >
> >   I know: there probably isn't something like that, unless it's FAT32
> >
> >or NTFS. But I just thought I'd ask.
> Mac don't read NTFS. FAT don't like big files. The only universal format
> for a volume that size is SMB, served via a tiny server like Storey
> brought to one of the meetings. Here's an example (not a recommendation)
> of what I mean:
> http://www.simpletech.com/products/storage/simplenet/simplenet.php

Many of the newer, large external drives are also starting to use this new Ex 
FAT (aka "FAT64):

It's a new Microsoft licensed, "cross platform" filesystem that gets around 
some of the FAT32 issues. It seems to be the new default when going between 
Windows and Mac. However for Linux, the only way I've seen you can use it is 
via this third party company's implimentaimplementation licensed filesystem:

Anyone else played much with this on Linux? I know it wouldn't auto-
detect/mount on my Linux load.	


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