Richard Suberg rsuberg at satx.rr.com
Tue Feb 8 14:24:58 CST 2011

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I need some help on a php script. I am actually looking for an IDE for
PHP that will allow me to step through the script to find out exactly
what is going wrong. This script is connecting to an MS SQL server
database to pull data and redisplay it. If I were to run the SQL
statement in Access, I get the data I want, but if I put the same SQL
statement straight into the PHP script it fails (I assume the entire
statement is too long) so I decided to break it up into separate SQL
statements. The first one runs ok, store results in several arrays,
(as proven with an echo $array[] loop) and then free the sql result
(mssql_free_result) but any further sql queries I run with the data
from the array as a part of the where clause in SQL comes up empty. Is
anyone familiar with this or has an IDE for php that will allow
stepping through the script to find out what is going on? The fun part
is the server that is hosting the php site is Ubuntu, but developing
the php file on WinXP, so an IDE for either environment would be good.
I've tried Eclipse, but it says it can't find the php binary on the
windows machine (likely because the php would never install correctly
on this computer)

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