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Tue Feb 8 14:44:33 CST 2011

On 2/8/11 2:24 PM, Richard Suberg wrote:
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> I need some help on a php script. I am actually looking for an IDE for
> PHP that will allow me to step through the script to find out exactly
> what is going wrong. This script is connecting to an MS SQL server
> database to pull data and redisplay it. If I were to run the SQL
> statement in Access, I get the data I want, but if I put the same SQL
> statement straight into the PHP script it fails (I assume the entire
> statement is too long) so I decided to break it up into separate SQL
> statements. The first one runs ok, store results in several arrays,
> (as proven with an echo $array[] loop) and then free the sql result
> (mssql_free_result) but any further sql queries I run with the data
> from the array as a part of the where clause in SQL comes up empty. Is
> anyone familiar with this or has an IDE for php that will allow
> stepping through the script to find out what is going on? The fun part
> is the server that is hosting the php site is Ubuntu, but developing
> the php file on WinXP, so an IDE for either environment would be good.
> I've tried Eclipse, but it says it can't find the php binary on the
> windows machine (likely because the php would never install correctly
> on this computer)

You might try looking into Aptana Studio3 
(http://aptana.org/products/studio3). I don't know if it will let you 
step through the script, but it is a pretty good PHP IDE, and it's free.


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