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Christopher Connell connell.christopher at yahoo.com
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My two cents: Sounds interesting, but have to be careful with promoting hacks and Sega ROMS (emulators) to the general public; they are only legal if the person who is getting the emulator legally purchased the console from the original company (Sega, Nintendo, Playstation). SATLUG and XCSSA could be held liable even if the actions are from just one member. 


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I know the pre-printed Linux cd/DVD packages look nice
at the computer show, but what about XCSSA/SATLUG
teaming up to do something like combining the Freedom
Toaster , http://www.freedomtoaster.org/ ,
(short blurb : http://www.gokis.net/self-service/archives/001203.html )
with say, perhaps, something like a portable Sega Genisis
Ok, well, with the Sony PS3 hacking flap, perhaps
something else either on http://benheck.com/all-game-projects
or other related hack that will accommodate running linux,
the Freedom Toaster and burning cd/dvd's before the
end of the computer show.
It would lessen the 'show extras' -- even though
significant distro revisions only get updated every few months.
Perhaps, also adding a feature to allow for multi-disto's
on a usb stick(s) using multi-boot linux
and/or the 'running linux stuff under window via linux usb'.

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