[SATLUG] Booting Multi-OSs article

C P sargonemail at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 19:17:48 CST 2011

At the very least, might identify the bootloader installed by linux as
a 'virus'.
Otherwise, depends on how you formated your non-windows harddrive partitions.
If they're all non-windows readable formats, then, more than likely,
not an issue.
If you have the associated programs/apps installed on windows
to be able to read the linux formated partitions on the harddrive, that could
potentially be an issue.


> I have a dual-boot of Windows XP and Linux Mint on my Latitude D620.
> I hardly ever use Windows.
> Do have a question for the group. If I picked up a virus on the
> Windows OS could I run Combofix or would it damage the Mint Install?
> I don't have a virus/spyware on the system, but it's good to know in case
> I pick something up.

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