[SATLUG] meeting info

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 9 01:15:44 CST 2011

Renee Dockery wrote:

>Hi! I was looking at the meeting dates on the website. Could someone add
>time and location information for those of us who don't already know?

Well, this month it might be cancelled because of weather, or it might
be cancelled because nobody has a reason to meet. At least SAC has a
Weather Line to tell people when classes and other events are cancelled.

   SAC Weather Line -- (210) 485-0189

If the weather is good you can drop by SAC Nail Technical Center (NTC)
and go to the top floor, near the southeast corner, and look for
friendly people in the classroom with the open door and lots of

   Helpful Info including maps:

One of these days SATLUG is supposed to start meeting at Rackspace in
Windcrest (The Castle, formerly Mervyn's at Windsor Park Mall) but that
seems to depend on a rare celestial alignment beyond my power to

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