[SATLUG] No Meeting Room at SAC Tonight

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 23:39:22 CST 2011

C P wrote:
>> I went to the Nail Ctr. and found that room 122 was
>> being used for a class.  Looked around on other floors
>> and found no trace of where SATLUG was to meet.
>> Howard
>> --
>> Howard Haradon
>> San Antonio, TX  USA
> Was this before the January meeting of 2011 or after the February
> meeting time of 2011?
> Could you please post the email communications that you (as SATLUG
> pres/vice pres)
> had between the appropriate SAC faculty/staff members concerning room access at
> SAC or at least a jpg image of the SAC catalog section that you looked
> up for room
> numbers/classes that are using the class room at the time YOU (as
> SATLUG pres/vice
> pres) posted for the days of the SATLUG meetings.  Failing that, could
> YOU (as SATLUG pres/vice pres) post the minutes of the SATLUG meeting
> where the motion was made
> to turn down the Rackspace move so that the SATLUG group isn't left to
> think that the
> reason that the Rackspace move was turned down was so that access to room 122
> would no longer be an issue.
> Not to be to blunt, but based on the December 2010 meeting,
> I'm offering the following observation: the less effort made by YOU
> (SATLUG pres/vice pres).
> the longer this is going to take.

Get off Howard's back.  He is a volunteer.  He is only an officer 
because no one else wanted the job.  The SATLUG meeting is posted  well 
in advance and the SAC faculty (at least the competent ones) know where 
it is posted.  If they are sponsoring the group, they really shouldn't 
need to be notified every month.

The reason I'd like to move the meetings is because the SAC faculty do 
not seem to be interested in the group any more.

   -- Bruce

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