[SATLUG] No Meeting Room at SAC Tonight

C P sargonemail at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 00:23:52 CST 2011

> All snarkiness aside, if this isn't a clear indication that the meetings
> should be moved to Rackspace I don't know what is. Piecing together a
> scenario from Howard's, Craig's and Bruce's testimonies, it seems like
> the SC faculty are not interested in SATLUG, don't pay attention to the
> posted notices of SATLUG meetings and not enough people showed up to
> indicate to Howard that the meeting had been moved/cancelled. Sounds to
> me that the SAC faculty, and supposedly significant group of interested
> SAC students, not only don't actively encourage SATLUG participation,
> they don't care about SATLUG, they take over the established meeting
> area from SATLUG and they don't attend the meetings in any significant
> number. Do we need any further proof that the SAC-era of SATLUG has come
> to an end?

> I propose another vote to move the meetings to a much more hospitable
> environment, i.e. Rackspace.
> ~Nate

Given that class instruction/student learning time for a given class
is at a premium;
and there's generally more information than an instructor can cover
and/or a student
can be assigned to learn in a given class cycle/schedule; perhaps some
feed back
from SAC's faculty about topics that relate to the classes at SAC that
directly/indirectly related to SATLUG for which the
instructors/students wouldn't
necessarily see covered, support/fill out a class related topic or
covered a topic
in more detail at a SATLUG meeting before jumping ship to RackSpace would
be in order.
It wouldn't have to be every meeting, but a few meetings over the course of the
year, I would assume would be nice, given the support that SAC has provided to
SATLUG over the years.


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