[SATLUG] Moving to Rack Space

Howard Haradon hharadon at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 13:17:34 CST 2011

On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 10:23 AM, Daniel Givens <daniel at rugmonster.org> wrote:
> I thought the final up/down vote was done a couple of weeks ago on Rackspace. There is a guard, but with a pass, there will be no problem getting in. Just a piece of paper you have to print out and bring with you. There will be a Racker here to sponsor the meeting and there will always be a room available. We have a ton of training rooms that are empty after normal business hours. I know people have had questions over "difficulties" getting in and that has been taken care of. It is a non-issue.
> Rackspace is looking for Linux operations admins and engineers pretty much all the time. Please take a look at http://www.rackertalent.com/ for listings. If you apply for a position, feel free to list me or your favorite Racker in the place where it asks for who referred you.
> --

Yes, I agree that there was a vote a few weeks back, and it
showed popular support for Rack Space at almost 80%.  I also
agree that the guarded parking is a non-issue and could perhaps
be seen as a good feature.  Steve Kolars, our long-time supporter
at SAC has indicated that it might be proper for us to make the
move and that he would in no way be insulted if we left SAC.  There
have been 2-3 Rackers who are willing to act as our sponsor for
the meetings.

For the above reasons I am contacting the HR folks at RS to
see if we can get this ball rolling!

Down with Win 3.10!

PS  I am echoing this post under a fitting subject so please comment
about the move over at the new post (Moving to Rack Space).
Howard Haradon
San Antonio, TX  USA

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