[SATLUG] Moving to Rack Space

Howard Haradon hharadon at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 19:27:46 CST 2011

On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 4:20 PM, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com> wrote:
> Chris Hudson wrote:
>> Which Rackspace location?  The one on Datapoint?
> I believe we are talking about Windsor Mall.
>  -- Bruce

Yes, Rackspace at Windsor Park.  Their office is about 2-3 blocks
east of I-35 on Walzem.  They are on the south side of Walzem and
can be seen only when you have entered the mall parking lot and
are approaching the most east part of the old mall.  They have a very
modern looking entryway.  Here is a picture:

This is another link that Tom Weeks posted:

This is a map showing the mall.  The far east part labeled Phase
One is where the Rackspace offices are.

I have contacted the HR people and have a favorable reply.  Plan to
meet at Rackspace at 7:00 PM for our Mar. 10th meeting.  Anyone have
a good topic that they would like to lead a discussion on?

Change is good, Howard
Howard Haradon
San Antonio, TX  USA

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