[SATLUG] Reminder: We Need a President

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Feb 12 03:03:14 CST 2011

On Friday, February 11, 2011 01:15:13 pm Howard Haradon wrote:
> Yes, I agree that there was a vote a few weeks back, and it
> showed popular support for Rack Space at almost 80%.  I also
> agree that the guarded parking is a non-issue and could perhaps
> be seen as a good feature.  Steve Kolars, our long-time supporter
> at SAC has indicated that it might be proper for us to make the
> move and that he would in no way be insulted if we left SAC.  There
> have been 2-3 Rackers who are willing to act as our sponsor for
> the meeting.

To this point.. I have made sure that you all have a Primary and a Secondary 
Meeting-Escort PoC within Rackspace:
* Primary: Travis Runty  (phone/email provided upon request)
* Secondary:  Chris Goldsmith

Someone on your side just needs to become the official PoC and:
* Send an official statement to the Rackspace internal "Open Source" mail list 
stating your intent (and request) to meet at Rackspace (see me for the email 
* Request Jaime Waltman (Pri Building/realestate) of the need for the room
* Request John Coldwater (Pri for Recrutiing office) to coordinate the 
(all their contact info with secondary contacts and a single email address can 
be provided upon request).

It's all ready. You guys just need to decide when.. and then reach out.

(BTW.. Your PrimaryMeeting Escort is the Secondary to XCSSA.. and XCSSA's 
Primary PoC (Chris) would be your secondary.. if that makes sense :)

Anyway.. I need sleep.. when you all are ready.. get that one email address 
from me and you can get the ball rolling with all those contacts at once.


> For the above reasons I am contacting the HR folks at RS to
> see if we can get this ball rolling!
> Down with Win 3.10!
> Howard
> PS  I am echoing this post under a fitting subject so please comment
> about the move over at the new post (Moving to Rack Space).

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