[SATLUG] Hi Everyone!

Steev Klimaszewski threeway at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 03:41:21 CST 2011

Hello all,

I'm new to the area, originally hailing from Detroit, the most recent
detour was Tulsa.  I've been a Linux user since 2002, and I have been
a Gentoo developer since late 2005.  I'm hoping to come to some of the
meetings, although I don't have a car, so if anyone know the bus route
to get to them that would be awesome! I'm in the Alamo Heights area.
I currently work for Genesi, doing Linux development on ARM, and it's
definitely fun working with!

Is there an IRC presence at all for the SATLUG?  I spend a lot of time
on Freenode, and didn't notice a channel there.

As for Linux, well obviously I have some focus on the kernel, but I
also have a lot of interest in the desktop as well as mobile.  I'm
familiar with both Gentoo and Ubuntu, and to a lesser extend Debian.
I haven't really played with many others, although I do have a laptop
with Exherbo on it, which isn't really a fork of Gentoo, but it does
have a lot of former Gentoo developers working on it.

I normally make some contact before I head to a new area to the LUG if
only to "meet" some people before I move to a new area, but San
Antonio was a bit different.  I still stay in contact with the Tulsa
LUG, and they are a great bunch of people.  Hoping that SATLUG is the

-- Steev

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