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Ok, got another puzzler for everyone. I know the difference between HW
& SW RAIDs, and believe I have a HW RAID set up. (It is set in the
BOIS of the controller anyway, Intel 82801G, on-board server class.)
Windows saw the RAID and has been using it no problem, until time to
upgrade disk size. I shut down Windows, booted live Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
CD, run gparted, and it shows 4 separate disks, sda and sdb are the
same (RAID assembly 1), sdc and sdd are the same (RAID assembly 2).

My questions are:
1. Does Ubuntu disassemle the raid assembly to deal strictly with the
physical disks and how can I use the RAID setup under Ubuntu?
2. I was going to use gparted to copy the partition from the old RAID
to the new RAID when I noticed this "glitch." If I can't use the HW
RAID setup, if I get the partition copied to the physical sdc, can I
dd sdc to sdd and reassemble the RAID? I am doing RAID 0 (mirror).
3. Any other suggestions to copy all this data? 450 GB partition ->
2TB partition, 500 GB data. Need to preserve permissions, and this is
an NTFS file system, stuck in windows.

The cron question has been tabled by the rise of this situation, so I
will get back to that one and all the help offered for it....

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