hc at lookcee.com hc at lookcee.com
Wed Feb 16 20:37:33 CST 2011

Hi guys I have used mirc in windows but left 5yrs past for Linux. I simply cannot understand how to use Xchat. 

Ny box is Linux-Ubuntu 10.04.2 but never used this Xchat IRC-client. My wish is to connect to irc.cuckoo.com and the channel is #techbytes.

It works fine for any server that shows in the list servers window but I do not see irc.cuckoo.com and I logged on to several servers and connected to #techbyres but in every case I was only one in room. 

When I enter irc.cuckoo.com, cuckoo.com or irc.cuckoo in the add server dialog box returns not found. 

I also would appreciate any safety & security tips u may pass along since i am total n00be with IRC, I also am a hermit & true recluse but I am tempted to join this twitter thing but i worry about revealing my personal life, so tips and advice will be appreciated both on my problem and the security/privacy thingy.

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