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Have you tried pidgin? There are several tutorials for pidgin and I just
verified that irc.cuckoo.com port 6667 channel #techbytes is filled with
people.  I honestly recommend it to not only anyone new to linux and are
used to their normal chat programs but also those new to IRC. The interface
is far less confusing imho and will get you started. When you feel
comfortable then you can try other cooler clients like irssi ;)

Also if I recall correctly pidgin is by default installed on all ubuntu
installations nowadays.

Cody Lee

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 8:37 PM, <hc at lookcee.com> wrote:

> Hi guys I have used mirc in windows but left 5yrs past for Linux. I simply
> cannot understand how to use Xchat.
> Ny box is Linux-Ubuntu 10.04.2 but never used this Xchat IRC-client. My
> wish is to connect to irc.cuckoo.com and the channel is #techbytes.
> It works fine for any server that shows in the list servers window but I do
> not see irc.cuckoo.com and I logged on to several servers and connected to
> #techbyres but in every case I was only one in room.
> When I enter irc.cuckoo.com, cuckoo.com or irc.cuckoo in the add server
> dialog box returns not found.
> I also would appreciate any safety & security tips u may pass along since i
> am total n00be with IRC, I also am a hermit & true recluse but I am tempted
> to join this twitter thing but i worry about revealing my personal life, so
> tips and advice will be appreciated both on my problem and the
> security/privacy thingy.
> herb
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