hc at lookcee.com hc at lookcee.com
Wed Feb 16 21:30:20 CST 2011

with Xchat to connect to a server not listed you do the following:

1:  in the network list window (if it doesn't prompt you with this when
first starting do: Xchat -> New -> Server tab, then Server -> Reconnect and
it should bring it up)
2: click on the 'add' button and a new entry will be added to the list with
a highlighted name of 'New Network'.  Rename it (in your case to cuckoo i
guess) and hit enter.  That entry should now be present.
3: click on the item you just added (cuckoo) and then select the 'edit'
4: double click on the 'newserver/6667' entry and replace it with '
irc.cuckoo.com/6667' and hit enter
5: edit anything else you think you need to set (I didn't) and click 'close'
6: ensuring that 'cuckoo' is selected in your Networks list, click

that got me there.


Hey thanks Cody and greg I got it going in pidgin I will get Xchat working later on

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