[SATLUG] Open Source Fest ?

r3d91ll r3d91ll at grandecom.net
Fri Feb 18 07:29:43 CST 2011

> Todd, thanks for the lead.  This brings up a good point - I am willing
> to coordinate the speakers/presenters, but there are other jobs that
> will need doing for the OS Fest.  Someone will need to handle getting
> the word out, advertising.  Also, someone will need to assist the
> presenters to be sure that PCs, AV equipment, internet connections,
> etc. are in place.
> What about it?
> Howard

contact me off-list.  I have little or no experience with advertising
but I do know a couple of writters with the Current who might be willing
to do a write up on opensource fest.  Also I would be willing to help
out in any other way  possible.


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