[SATLUG] Southwest Airlines Web Site

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 01:49:44 CST 2011

hc at lookcee.com wrote:
> I have tried three browsers (Seamonkey, Forefox, Konqueror) trying to 
> access www.southwest.com and can't make the search for flights work. 
> Does the site work satisfactorily for anyoune on a Linux box?
> I did try IE and it works, but it quickly became unresponsive and I'd 
> never trust CC info with IE anyway.
> Bruce it appears to work with firefox on U-10.04.
> I will do a specific search for u if u wish I am bit sleepless.

Thanks Herb, but I just wanted to know if it worked.  I checked to see 
if I was blocking any scripts and I'm not.  Cookies are enabled.

I tried these combinations:

Ubuntu 7.04/Firefox
LFS/Firefox 3.0
LFS/Seamonkey 1.11
Rocks 5.1/Firefox 3.0

All had the same thing.  When clicking on a line edit entry or calendar 
entry, there was no response.  Manual input and clicking on submit gives 
an error that it didn't receive manually typed in info.  It says Oops.

It's funny.  The site used to work fine.

American, United, Priceline, Orbiz, etc all work fine.

   -- Bruce

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