[SATLUG] Southwest Airlines Web Site

scs at worldlinkisp.com scs at worldlinkisp.com
Sat Feb 19 06:43:24 CST 2011

>All had the same thing.  When clicking on a line
edit entry or calendar 
>entry, there was no response.  Manual input and
clicking on submit gives 
>an error that it didn't receive manually typed in
info.  It says Oops.
>It's funny.  The site used to work fine.
>American, United, Priceline, Orbiz, etc all work
fine.-- Bruce
Late to the discussion, however, works normal (this
morning) using 
both Icecat and Google-Chrome (SAT~SEA R/T $525).  

Although, I've experienced some sporadic problems
email attachments with 
Google-Chrome (using webmail~no client), and switch
to Ice Cat.


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