[SATLUG] OT: Linux super computer to compete on Jeopardy

hc at lookcee.com hc at lookcee.com
Sun Feb 20 13:17:37 CST 2011

> BTW, there will surely be a big lawsuit over "Dr. Watson"
> as I'm sure MS has the term copyrighted.

I do not believe a short 2-word phrase can be copyrighted.  It can be a 
trademark, but since 'Dr Watson' was invented by Conan Doyle around 
1850, I doubt that it is a major issue.  IBM didn't add the title 'Dr' 
and the MS application was a debugger, which is somewhat different from 
a general search engine.


And not least is the fact of Tom Watsom & IBM, no grounds for a lawsuit!

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