[SATLUG] dead drive?

Geoff Edmonson w5omr at att.net
Tue Feb 22 09:18:08 CST 2011

On 02/21/2011 10:48 PM, Christopher Connell wrote:
> Agreed. I'd go with the Western Digital/Gateway Scan as the utility can perform minimal drive repair on almost on all drives. I checked Gateway's site, but there is an issue. When I click the link to go to gwscan512.exe it says zero results. So maybe download UBCD ( http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ ) It takes a little longer to run the GWSCAN than having the program on and a disk by itself (and I think it's 5.11 not 5.12).  Might be able to get a little longer life out of the drive.

Just tossing this out, because I have a gateway laptop also... but that 
drive has two partitions on it.   The first partition is where gateway 
keeps recovery files and drivers.

As I read it, she had the machine booted on a live CD - so there 
shouldn't have been anything mounted.  Unless that partition is 
something proprietary and had deletion/shredding protected somehow.

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