Re: [SATLUG] dead drive?

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Tue Feb 22 20:22:28 CST 2011

From: "Renee Dockery"  [SATLUG] dead drive?

Thanks for all the suggestions! The laptop is an old (2004) IBM ThinkPad.
It's been going downhill, and I guess has met its end. I checked the bios
menu for any kind of diagnostics, but couldn't find any. I did find that it
no longer listed the hard drive as being there. (The only hdd it had.) Then
I tried restarting with various live usb drives and a live cd-rom. Nothing
worked. Now I just get an error message for the failed fixed disk. (I assume
a live usb or live cd-rom should work without a hdd, unless there are other
problems.) Maybe I can sell it for parts.

Hmmmm Renee, If u are feeling adventurous & willing to spend some time. Why not see if u can reformat the drive since u apparently have a live-CD running that would indicate that the Mobo, cpu & mem are still functional. U can buy a replacement HD drive on Ebay or at goodwill, etc. If u have a use for another box it may still have yrs of life being a test bed or a home server or ...?? Should only take a screwdriver and U can get the specs on line to find out what u can use. 

Hmmmm I'm a real cheapo so u may see it diff. However, I just had one of my boxes go bonkers and it runs an Intel P4 dual core 3.2cpu I have tracked the prob to either the cpu or the sensor on the Mobo has began getting too hot for some reason. I did not have a spare cpu so rather than take another box down to swap out the cpu I looked on Ebay and found a same form Intel cpu single core 3.5 (used) from a working unit for $14 postage included that I should receive tomorrow. So hopefully for the small change I can still use the box and if so I will swap that dual core to the 3rd box now running a SC 2.8same form Intel and for $14 fix one box and upgrade a 2nd. Makes an old scots heart thump, lol, good luck Renee.


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