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Possibly or a bad sector on a hard drive. As for onboard diags my MT1607 didn't come with one. It did come up with a recovery partition but I overwrote that:


Thinkpad's are tough little machines. Even if they are the older R series. HDD also aren't that expensive. The cheapest I've seen in town are from PC Outlet or Altex (Think some are Refurb or system pull drives. You said it's from 2004. You should be able to get an IDE for around $50 or $60. Or splurge a little for an SSD: http://www.memoryc.com/products/description/32GB_KingSpec_2_5-PATA_IDE_SSD_Solid_State_Disk-MLC_Flash-SM2235_Controller/index.html

If you or someone you know owns a business you could order directly from the company they buy from (Evertek). 

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> Agreed. I'd go with the Western Digital/Gateway Scan as the utility can perform minimal drive repair on almost on all drives. I checked Gateway's site, but there is an issue. When I click the link to go to gwscan512.exe it says zero results. So maybe download UBCD ( http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ ) It takes a little longer to run the GWSCAN than having the program on and a disk by itself (and I think it's 5.11 not 5.12).  Might be able to get a little longer life out of the drive.

Just tossing this out, because I have a gateway laptop also... but that drive has two partitions on it.   The first partition is where gateway keeps recovery files and drivers.

As I read it, she had the machine booted on a live CD - so there shouldn't have been anything mounted.  Unless that partition is something proprietary and had deletion/shredding protected somehow.

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