OT:[SATLUG] dead drive?

r3d91ll r3d91ll at grandecom.net
Wed Feb 23 14:56:36 CST 2011

> Thinkpad's are tough little machines. Even if they are the older R series. HDD also aren't that expensive. The cheapest I've seen in town are from PC Outlet or Altex (Think some are Refurb or system pull drives. You said it's from 2004. You should be able to get an IDE for around $50 or $60. Or splurge a little for an SSD: http://www.memoryc.com/products/description/32GB_KingSpec_2_5-PATA_IDE_SSD_Solid_State_Disk-MLC_Flash-SM2235_Controller/index.html
 I concur if you cant afford a Mac (or can't stand the idea of paying
that much for a laptop) then find a older Thinkpad and boot your
favorite Linux distro. 


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